AFSA Construction

The confidentiality and flexibility of arbitration makes arbitration well-suited for maintaining long term business relationships between parties in infrastructure and construction contracts.
The very nature of infrastructure and construction disputes presupposes the appointment of knowledgeable experts to facilitate the efficiency of the arbitral proceedings and to reduce the time and costs involved in resolving disputes.

The parties are able to choose trustworthy experts in a particular field and parties of different nationalities and jurisdictions can choose a convenient and neutral location to meet their particular needs.

AFSA fully administers arbitration but can also act as an appointing body. Should parties choose to submit dispute for arbitration under AFSA administration, the AFSA Commercial Rules or AFSA International Rules shall apply. However, if the parties only intend for AFSA to appoint an arbitrator from its panel, the Unadministered Rules will apply.

The AFSA Construction division is chaired by Adv Azhar Bham SC.
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