Online Submission Process

  • AFSA’s Matter Manager is a secure, encrypted, cloud-based system hosted on the Microsoft Azur platform.
  • The person requesting the arbitration or mediation will receive an e-mail confirming receipt of the request.
  • Parties to a dispute will receive a unique username and password that will allow them to upload pleadings and submissions to an online folder which is accessible only to the parties involved in the matter.
  • The parties are able to paginate and create hearing bundles in the folder and to access the bundle in a remote hearing.
  • Matter Manager makes it possible for the parties and the arbitrator/s to access information and to work from wherever they are.


Below is an illustration of how a matter can be onboarded onto AFSA’s Matter Manager system.

Browse to and click on Online Filing to start AFSA’s new online submission process.
Make your choice about what type of filing is required – Domestic Arbitration, International Arbitration or Mediation. Select the correct option and you are ready to start the filing process.
Accurately provide as much of the required detail as possible. A request for arbitration or mediation will be generated automatically.
You are able to upload your statement of claim, arbitration/mediation agreement and other relevant documents whilst filling in the online form.
If you would like a copy of the form as you fill it in 
– select the Email me a Copy, to get a copy of your form.
Click Save once done.
AFSA will receive your electronic submission and start the matter review process.

...this concludes AFSA’s matter creation and submission process.

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